Walk Free

Minderoo Foundation’s Walk Free initiative is an independent, privately funded international human rights organisation based in Perth, Western Australia. Walk Free work towards ending modern slavery in all its forms by taking a strong, multifaceted and global approach.

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8.7 seeks to end modern slavery by mobilising the international community. Walk Free’s approach to achieving SDG 8.7 involves building a robust knowledge base to inform action and driving legislative change in key countries in partnership with faiths, businesses, academics, NGOs, and governments around the world. Through these partnerships, direct implementation, and grassroots community engagement Walk Free believes modern slavery can be eradicated.

The initiative was founded by Andrew Forrest, Nicola Forrest and Grace Forrest in 2010. Its CEO is Jenn Morris OAM. Walk Free are best known for their publication of the world’s most comprehensive evidence-base of modern slavery, the Global Slavery Index, now in its fourth edition.

In 2013, Walk Free became a co-founder of the Freedom Fund, an anti-slavery non-profit organisation. The Freedom Fund works with a variety of state and non-state actors and partners with organisations to tackle the many forms of modern slavery in regions where it is most highly concentrated. Provided by Wikipedia
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